Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions

Our mission at Accelertors Organization is to make the journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur easier and less stressful. Our mentor-led strategy helps you overcome your struggles and lead you towards tremendous success.

Wouldn't it be great to have access to a diverse pool of mentors who are all there to help you, providing you with answers to your individual questions? Here is a sample of what a mentor session looks like where we provide every member with personalized and in-depth answers:

When you join AO, you may have some of the same commonly asked questions as other entrepreneurs. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions from our members. Maybe you can relate to some of these questions:

  • How do I get more customers/clients?
  • How do I figure out how to document processes?
  • How do I determine the right pricing for my products?
  • How do I balance my life and my business?
  • How do I build loyalty and lead my team?
  • How do I know who to hire first/next?
  • How do I get unstuck?
  • What is the most important step to take to grow my business?
  • How do I find the right vendors for my business that I can trust?

AO will provide you with beneficial resources to help grow your unique business. If you would like to see more of our mentor sessions, visit our YouTube channel or sign up to become a member of AO today!

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Idea/Proof of Concept Stage

This stage ranges from pre-revenue to under $100,000 in annual sales. As both an exciting and frustrating part of the entrepreneurial journey, this is the time where marketing processes and business models are being constructed. We want to accelerate through this stage quickly and begin building our initial team.

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Early Stage

Somewhere between $100,000 and $250,000 in annual sales is oftentimes where we begin to experience fatigue in wearing too many hats. This requires us to hire our first team members. Who do we hire first? How do we find the money to pay them? How do we effectively train employees while maintaining a successful business? AO will counsel you through this process, saving you both time and money.

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Acceleration Stage

At $250,000 or more in revenue, it is time to press the gas and accelerate your business to seven figures as quickly as possible. During this time, sales and operations must be juggled, which can be a struggle for even the most savvy entrepreneur. While hiring and building the right team is critical for business growth, it can take decades to master. Our AO mentors and resources will help you become the leader you are meant to be.


AO is unlike any entrepreneur or mentorship community on this planet! This is a family more

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